Cover reveal for The Birthday Party

I’m delighted to reveal the cover and description for my latest novel! The Birthday Party is a gripping standalone crime thriller set in small-town USA.

Released on January 7th 2022, the ebook is available for pre-order now on amazon. The audiobook and paperback links will follow in December.

If you enjoy Nate Monroe from my Detective Madison Harper series, I think you’ll like Detective Chase Cooper in The Birthday Party. He’s charged with finding our missing five-year-old girl; Charlie Hamilton, but he has history with Charlie’s mother Kathy, and things get complicated (don’t you just love complications?! I know I do!). They were childhood sweethearts who were forbidden to be together, so now they have stumbled across each other twenty years later – when Kathy’s daughter is missing and Kathy’s husband is unhappy with their reunion – it has everyone unsettled. Can Kathy still trust him all these years on? Or does he have ulterior motives…

Here’s the official blurb:

Charlotte waves at her mother across the crowded lawn. Little red boots on, cowboy hat crooked over her blonde pigtails, she’s been looking forward to this party for weeks. Moments later, she disappears without a trace… 

Kathy Hamilton drives away from her sister-in-law’s pristine-white suburban house in Maple Falls certain she’s left her daughter in safe hands. On the hottest day of the year, a birthday is the perfect excuse to gather friends, family and neighbors around the pool for a barbecue. But when she returns hours later to find her little girl has vanished, her world shatters.

Nobody laughing and drinking in the garden that day saw anything unusual.

Kathy’s eldest daughter is anxious and hardly eating. Is she sick with worry for her sister, or hiding a terrible secret?

The phone rings and rings, but why can’t Kathy get hold of the babysitter?

And is she imagining it, or when her husband rushed from work to join the search, was he wearing a different shirt to the one she saw him leave the house in that morning?

As the temperature rises, and long-buried secrets begin to surface, it’s clear that even the most perfect families keep devastating secrets. But in a town as small as this, is there anyone you can trust?

I hope you enjoy it! For fans of my Detective Madison Harper series – fear not! She and Nate (and Brody of course) are back in spring and fall 2022 with two new books. Make sure you follow me on social media for regular updates.

Thank you for all your support and shares/likes on social media – it really helps spread the word about my books.

Let me know if you pre-order this one!

Take care,

Wendy. x

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