Meet my pets

Having grown up with dogs, I never considered getting a cat. But when someone in my family said they knew of a kitten who needed rescuing, I didn’t hesitate.

Joey joined my husband and I at 10 weeks old and he was our first pet together as newlyweds. He’s now 13 and he’s been an amazing first pet. He taught us how crazy cats are! He understands the word ‘sit!’ and will sit for his dinner, he wakes us up at 4am every morning in summer because he’s itching to get outside into the garden, and he can sleep for 20 hours straight if no one opens a food wrapper! He was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism so he’s now on daily medication which, thankfully, he takes well. He’s a very greedy cat and will eat everyone else’s leftovers no matter what brand or type of food so nothing goes to waste in our house!

When Joey was 4 years old we heard of another kitten who needed rescuing, and so Sookie (we named her after Sookie Stackhouse from the True Blood series) came to live with us at around 10 weeks old. Between you and me, she’s my favourite because she has so much personality. She sleeps on my desk every day as I write and she’s very lazy. She’s not interested in being outside unless we’re out there and it’s sunny. Like Joey, she also loves her food and gains weight easily, especially as she has one of those pouches that hangs low under her belly and jiggles as she runs. She wakes us up with her midnight zoomies around the house (because she sleeps all day she’s a night owl!). Although she’s very loving it’s all on her terms; we can only touch her if she’s in the mood and she dislikes her younger brother! Not in an aggressive way, she just won’t let him near her and throws him daggers with her well-rehearsed look of contempt! Which leads me nicely to Teddy-bear.

We rescued Teddy when Joey was 10 and Sookie was 6 and he has turned our lives upside down! He’s half Maine Coon and he’s got so much more energy than the other two. He literally never stops wanting to play. And if we don’t play with him, he’ll chase Joey or Sookie to try to get them to play with him. He’s not aggressive at all, he just needs a lot of attention. Perhaps because he was rejected by his mother as a kitten and is the only surviving kitten from the litter. He was very small when he came to live with us. He’s very attached to me and although he’s not much of a lap cat, every night at midnight he comes to find me in bed, lies across my chest and rubs his face across mine continuously whilst purring for ten minutes straight. Then he goes off to sleep on my feet, next to the other two.

I can’t imagine not having a cat on my desk as I write. They really are the best companions and someone to talk to during the lonely long hours of writing a novel.

Until next time!

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