My Review – Who Cares If They Die by Wendy Dranfield

Sanity Looms

My first cover reveal and review as a Star Selector for the fab team at Choc-lit!

Read in two hooked sittings.  It would have been one, but I fell asleep reading having pulled an all-nighter the evening before.


Who Cares if they Die

The first scene starts with a hanging woman in Maple Valley woods.  A Jane Doe without shoes, it looks like a suicide, but to Officer Dean Matheson, something doesn’t add up.

Soon after, there are two other apparent suicides; a drug addict and an incarcerated criminal, both female.  Outwardly there is no one to challenge the circumstances of the deaths but forensics uncover evidence of a possible murder, so Dean Matheson is making it his business to care, even if it means he may become a target.


A pacy read that had me hooked from the start.  The main character and dog lover, Dean Matheson, is a flawed human being…

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