Spotlight on Guest Ruby Fiction Author Wendy Dranfield

Morton S. Gray - Author

I’m joined this week by Wendy Dranfield who writes for Ruby Fiction. I asked Wendy some questions …

  1. I understand that your new book, Where the Snow Bleeds, is a sequel to your debut novel for Ruby Fiction, Who Cares if They Diewill we see any of the same characters?

Yes, book 2 is the second in my crime series, which follows Dean Matheson on his quest to become a homicide detective. In Who Cares If They Die, Dean is a police officer in small-town New Hampshire and we meet him during a major crisis in his life. Along the way he rescues Rocky, a lovable rottweiler and abused dog of a deceased drug-addict. He and Rocky become a duo to be reckoned with!

We follow their partnership further in the new sequel Where the Snow Bleeds which takes them to an isolated ski…

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