New paperback release!

I can now share the exciting news that my debut crime thriller with Ruby Fiction is being released as a paperback on 5th November 2019.

This is especially exciting for me because it’s the first time I’ll have a paperback version of one of my books! I’ve had short stories published in paperback edition anthologies but this is different; this release is all my work!

It was released as ebook and audiobook last year but this is the goal most writers work towards – being able to hold their book in their hands and smell the pages… (yes, we’re a bit weird).

It’s already available to pre-order from Wordery (with FREE shipping worldwide) and will soon be available to pre-order from Amazon.

It will be available to purchase in high street book shops from November but if your favourite shop doesn’t appear to stock it, just ask them to order it in for you! The same goes for your library – if you’d like to be able to borrow a copy, just ask your local library to order a copy.

Here’s a reminder of what Who Cares If They Die is about (and don’t forget the sequel – Where the Snow Bleeds – is released as ebook and audiobook on 30th July):

Did she jump or was she pushed?

It starts with the hanging woman in the Maple Valley woods; the woman with no shoes, no car and no name. On paper it’s an obvious case of suicide – but to Officer Dean Matheson, something doesn’t add up.

Then there are the other deaths, deaths that also look like suicides – but are they? The victims are all women living on the fringes of society, addicts and criminals. Who will miss them? Does anyone really care if they die?

Dean Matheson is making it his business to care, even if it means he becomes a target …


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